Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday, 7/22/12

Here are six more sentences from my first novel, "When Love Calls Your Name" scheduled for release in October 2012, from Seventh Window Publications.

We were greeted at the courtroom door by a very attractive deputy sheriff who instructed us to wait out here in the hallway until he called us in.  I thought to myself that maybe this nice piece of eye candy might make doing jury duty worthwhile after all.  If anything, I could end up with some nice fantasies for when I can’t sleep and need to tire myself out in order to do so.   

Once we were inside and comfortably seated, the judge introduced us to the prosecuting attorney, and then the defendant and his attorney.  I nearly gasped when I saw him. If I thought the sheriff was a piece of eye candy, this defense attorney was a five-pound box!

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