Monday, January 30, 2017


They say that seeing numbers in multiples is a message from the other side-maybe from guardian angels or spirit guides; a sign of the trinity (especially if it's three of the same number), or simply a blessing or affirmation.

I've been seeing them in batches.

One day a few weeks ago, on my way to a meeting I must have seen about five license plates with triples. Maybe there were more but I wasn't counting then, yet the very quantity of plates stood out to me, which caused me to start making more of a note of when and where I saw them. 

I try not to read every license plate because then I would be looking for signs and they'd lose their meaning or significance. (Plus, if I'm driving, I wouldn't be focused on the cars around me. Think safety.)  But, I do enjoy trying to figure out personalized plates, so I do glance around and simply acknowledge it should I see a triple. Many times, the cars will be directly in front of me so I can't miss it. Recently, a truck pulled out in front of me bearing the plate 89888xx. (I couldn't remember the letters on the plate.)

Last week, I announced my intention to retire from teaching. I am a bit apprehensive as this is a new chapter in my life, with some financial uncertainty. I was also thinking of the young man so recently in my life and how I miss him. I was driving home and approaching an intersection, signaled my impending left turn while a car coming from the opposite direction signaled a right. Turning into the lane behind the other driver, I read the license plate, 888.

Last week I also had a very deep spiritual conversation with a random woman. She noticed my Aquarius pendant, and commented on how spiritual Aquarians tend to be. I acknowledged I was going through some kind of spiritual awakening. During our conversation I also revealed I might be experiencing a Twin Flame relationship. She replied, "How beautiful, and I think I am too." The fact she seemed to understand this phenomenon suggested our meeting was not as random as I initially thought. I needed to stop at a particular store, but was directed to a different one in the chain than I had originally wanted. I was able to take advantage of this mis-suggestion and take care of business at another location in the same shopping center-two for the price of one, shall we say. It was in this second business where I met this woman. Immediately after finishing our conversation, I spotted a license plate, 666.

While many numerologists ascribe certain meanings to numbers, and some religions assign a meaning to the numbers above, I do not. As I see so many triples, with the occasional quadruple or quintuple thrown in, I simply have come to accept that they all are a blessing of some kind, an affirmation that I'm doing the best I can and all will turn out okay. 

It's all good.

Last Friday after work, I went out to my car to find a different car parked in front of me than the one I had parked behind in the morning; it's license plate contained the numbers 444. 

On the way home, I glanced plates with 222, then 333. 

The next morning, even though I hadn't planned on it I went shopping. As I walked through the parking lot, I glanced a license plate with 222. The purchase totaled $44.44, my debit card entitled me to a discount which brought my total down to $42.22; a discount of $2.22. Exiting the store, I saw plates with triple 8s and next to it, triple 0s. Driving across the street to pick up a bite of lunch, I parked facing the store I had just visited, part of its address was blocked by a palm tree revealing only the three 9s of the address. All this took place within 1.5 hours.
Once back at home, I played solitaire on my iPad. With no moves, I turned over three cards from the stock, all 4s. Shortly after, I walked into my guest room to close the window, glancing at the clock, I noticed it was 4:44.

Later that same evening, I left a bit early for an appointment, as I needed to stop on the way for a quick purchase. I glanced at the store address, 18555. Placing the purchase in my car, I glanced at the plate of an adjacent car, 555, as in the address. I later pulled forward to the stop sign at the end of the aisle where I had parked, directly in front of me was a license plate, 888.

Arriving at my appointment, I glimpsed a plate with 666. One hour later, after leaving my appointment I noticed the car that was now parked next to me had 444 on its plate. Before leaving the parking lot, I saw 777 and another 666. On the way home, I saw a 111, another 444 and even a plate with JJJ! Not sure what to make of triple letters, yet.

All of these latest sightings took place within two hours. That's a total of seventeen triples and one quadruple for the whole day and in a total of about four hours.

I'd say someone is trying to tell me something.

On an interesting side note, these all occurred on the Lunar New Year which heralded in the Year of the Rooster. I was born in a Rooster Year. Okay, maybe that is just a coincidence; but then again, with the sheer number of triples, who am I to say?

Friday, January 27, 2017


They say that songs can songs can speak to us. I get that when I consciously listen to them. But what about when you wake up with a line or melody already running through your head? Some say it's a message from "the other side." I'm not sure what to think.

Well, I woke up with such an earworm the other day and it kept tickling all morning.

Oddly enough, it seemed to echo the theme of a post I have been contemplating writing, even if it steps on some toes.

When I read the lyrics online, the song didn't fit the general theme of where I saw the post going. But the individual line running though my head did seem to fit.

The song was Time (Clock of the Heart) by Culture Club which I hadn't heard in years. Maybe my subconscious reached way back to find it in order to tell me something. 

The line wiggling through my brain was "...time is precious, I know."

I've been dealing with some difficult situations recently, forcing me to rethink things.

I can't remember a time when I had felt so low before. Okay, maybe once back in high school when I was first entertaining the idea I might be gay and couldn't cope with that idea as a born again Christian. I mean, God wouldn't allow one of His followers to be gay, now would He? After all, God despised homosexuality and its practitioners, and if He despised me there was no point in living.

Okay, and then again, maybe once or twice during my relationship with my now ex-husband when things weren't going well. And if I didn't see an end to the pain and despair I was feeling, then there was no point in going on, was there? While in both instances I was tempted to do something drastic, I never did.

I'm glad I never acted on those impulses. 

This time, I reached out to many people, only not to hear back.

I messaged a friend, only to see my message sit in his inbox, unread and unacknowledged for over three months. 

I told a friend I really needed to talk, she replied, "Okay." I have yet to hear back, four months later.

I guess I just wasn't enough of a priority.

Other friends have had their own issues and lives and families to deal with and were very busy. While I am learning to accept that out of sight is not necessarily out of mind, I am also learning to depend mostly on myself. 

And that's a good thing. 

But, it also makes me less open to trusting others, even close friends.

And that's a bad thing.

As I read the lyrics to Time (Clock of the Heart), I understood the song to be more about a lost love, which also echoes my current situation.  

Yet, in both situations, I see a connection to the song. 

Time is indeed precious, so take advantage of the time with people in your life, as you never know what may happen.

We can lose people we love at any time, for a multitude of reasons-sudden illness, accident, natural phenomena, or something worse.

I will take ownership of the fact I didn't tell these people how low I was feeling, but that is still not an excuse to at least acknowledge a message, or follow through on a request to talk. Or to at least show a concerted effort to make time.

As far as the lost love, some further lines in the song spoke to me (about him):

This could be the best place yet,
But you must overcome your fears.
In time it could have been so much more.
The time is precious I know.

Maybe this song came to me as as an affirmation of what I was already accepting-he needs to overcome his fears. While I can't hurry him, time is indeed precious for us, as I may move on, give up entirely, or... not be here.

I've been seeing so many synchronicities around me that I am simply taking them all as an affirmation that I am on the right path, I am in the right place just where I need to be.

And all will be well, whatever is to be.

And that's a great thing.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Synchronicities 5

I am getting a bit overwhelmed with the synchronicities. And a tiny bit annoyed, but still curious as to what they all mean. Or may mean.

I'll admit to taking a few of the cheesy quizzes on Facebook. I'm sure they are tracking me and my choices. Some of them are fun, some are bizarre.

I remember clicking on one a couple of years ago, asking who's in my "posse" and ironically, someone I had a bad argument with who later unfriended me came up. Really? We aren't friends on Facebook any longer. He also turned up in another quiz as a potential housemate, though he was labeled "the difficult one."

I clicked on another one a few weeks ago, something about "What is the condition of your heart?" I waited while it scanned my profile. I waited while the image began loading. I gasped at how uncannily accurate it was. I can't remember nor find the link on my page, but it said my heart had been dragged around, and I had severe trust issues. A couple of Facebook friends remarked on how accurate mine was while theirs were far less so.

Another one having to do with my "unfinished business" stated my heart had been broken and I had been betrayed by someone I loved most. I have to get on track by living my life to the fullest and becoming someone truly incredible. Hm?

There was one other page that left me a bit freaked out. This was slightly different than one of those quizzes. This was more like a psychological/spiritual exercise similar to a Rorschach test. There have been a few others I've found interesting: a number of closed doors of different colors and door frames, or some different paths through different land areas-meadow, forest, mountains, etc. and the one you pick is either an insight into your current thoughts or situation. The instructions on this latest one were to look at the six crystals in the picture, see which one resonates with you the most. Then read the description of the stones below the photo. So, I did and I chose a crystal.

As I read the explanation that corresponded to my choice, I began to get shivers. According to this article, the stone I chose indicates that:
  • I have been receiving messages either from my dreams, visions, random thoughts or repetitive letters or numbers.
  • I am also being guided, intuitively, in a certain direction, and I should heed my intuition, as it knows best.
  • If I am having trouble sleeping, I am ignoring my gut feeling about a certain someone or situation.
  • I should acknowledge my intuition and go with the flow, and further spiritual breakthroughs will follow. This crystal also suggests a new spirit guide is waiting for me to simply reach out, believe in them and take their hand. 
Omg, this resonated big time with me. I have been seeing repetitive numbers frequently. I seem to have developed a knack for checking a clock at 11:11 and sometimes, 4:44. I've been seeing license plates with the same three numbers repeated, e.g., 222, and often more than once per day. Sometimes those numbers aren't even in sequence. Once I saw two plates on two different cars heading in opposite directions with the same last three numbers, 995. They were very briefly next to each other as one was stopped at a traffic light while the other was making a turn. That same day, I saw a third 995 on a car on my way home.

I'm trying to keep a level head about all this. (And a sense of humor helps!) But, the sheer volume of  these little "coincidences" is a tad much. I keep telling myself I am opening up to the mysteries of the Universe/Life. I am opening up to trusting that what will be will be.

And I have no control over it, at all. And I am okay with it.

Hm, I wonder who my new guide might be? I have my suspicions.

To see the original article on picking a crystal, click here.