Sunday, September 18, 2016

Synchronicities 3

Be careful what you ask for.

It just might happen.

I ended my last post on synchronicities wishing I could trust and let go in more areas of my life as I had learned to trust in the process of the solar project for my house I had undertaken.

I think I am.


The other day, I flipped open the cover of my iPad. The clock showed 11:11.

A couple of days later, I got in my car, started the engine and out of habit I checked the clock as I turned on the radio. Well, they're right next to each other. It was 11:11.

A few days later I was walking around my house talking on the phone. Now, when I talk with my mother or a friend, I usually sit. When I'm talking with a sales- or repair person, I walk around. I happened to glance at the clock in my guest room and yes, it was 11:11.

Three 11:11s.

So, what does all that mean? When too many "coincidences" like this happen, many in the spiritual or consciousness awakening communities suggest that the Universe is affirming that you are moving in the right direction. Any choices or decisions you have made are for your best, even if they are a bit frightening or painful; like a spiritual reassurance, if you will. Also, many mediums believe a loved one is reaching out to you with some type of message. Some others believe it is a suggestion that something unusual will take place soon.

I believe it means whatever resonates with you.

Just a few days after the third 11:11, a hawk landed on the back of one of my patio chairs. Now, I've had hawks in my yard before, usually with a nice choice pigeon for their lunch. While eating, the hawk is on the ground, or maybe perched in a tree shielding itself and its prey. As this hawk was perched on the back of a chair, watching me through the sliding glass door, I considered it a bit unusual. I checked out Hawk Medicine in my Shamanic reference books and it suggested that since hawks fly high above the earth to gather a larger or broader perspective as they search for prey, perhaps I should also check my perspective. So, I have taken a step back to look at some areas of my life, changed my perspective and began to feel a bit lighter. At least in spirit. And I feel better about an important decision I need to make and therefore act on, soon.
The hawk took off seconds after I snapped this shot

And the synchronicities keep coming.

I was anxious for the final step of my solar project; the installation of the solar meter by my utility company, and I was eventually given a six week timeframe. One morning as I was waiting for a package to arrive before heading out for some errands, the mail carrier knocked on the door and asked about the savings on my electric bill as he had noticed the solar inverter on my house. Alas, I had to tell him I couldn't answer that as I was still waiting for the solar meter to be installed so I could turn the system on. Chuckling, he handed me my package, thanked me anyway and left. And I went to run my errands.

Stepping out of my car now back in my garage, I heard someone call to me "Can you please open the gate?" (My house is right in front of the gate to my community and I hadn't shut the garage door, yet.) I went to open the gate, and the guy said he was looking for a particular street which just happened to be mine. I looked at his truck, he was from my utility company, so I asked if he was looking for my house number to install my solar meter. Yes!! he was. Now, this was only three days after I was initially given the six week window with no email or phone call to schedule the installation! It was meant to be. I found the timing of his arrival also quite interesting as we arrived within moments of each other as I hadn't even unlocked the door to my house yet. And the coincidence that the mail carrier inquired about my system only to have the installer show up unscheduled that same day to finish the job wasn't lost on me, either.

It all came to be.

The installer took out the old meter, installed the new solar-ready one and sat down to fill out some paperwork regarding the old meter.

"Well, I never," he said. "I must take a picture of this for my buddy. I have never seen anything like this."

I am thinking this is weird for him to be vocalizing all this, and ask, "What?"

He explains how he was taught to read the meter, and I'm not going into the details, because frankly I don't remember them. But he shows me the meter and all the little needles are pointing up. "Okay," I remember thinking, "yeah, that is odd."

"See this one here," he points to the far right one, "it reads a 9."

"Okay." If he says so. Yes, the needle is just past the 9, not quite to the 0.

"And this one here is also a 9, by default." It's actually on the zero.

He went on to finish the reading, 9-9-9-9-9.

Five 9s.

I took it as another simple synchronicity, an affirmation.

Then I remembered it was September, the ninth month. I also had to convince him it was actually the 10th that day. He kept insisting it was the 9th. I guess he was supposed to install my meter the day before but didn't get to, as the paperwork all had 9/9/16 as the installation date. (Okay, maybe that 9 doesn't count, since now it was actually the 10th.) But, if you add the digits in the year 2016 (2+0+1+6=9) that one does.

Seven 9s.

And I was just accepting it all.

Until he made this comment.

"Wow, with all these 9s, it's like the Universe is trying to tell you something."

Oh, no, no, no, he did not just say that! And that's when I began to freak out. Now, it seemed the Universe was using him to affirm the message, "Yes, the 9s mean something."

I looked up 9 symbolism and found several cultural interpretations, some positive, some not. But, the one that felt right to me was that 9 signifies an ending, but an ending for a new beginning to start, more of a transition into something bigger and better. I mean, what comes after 99,999 but 100,000.

I'm also just thinking this is yet another affirmation, albeit a strong one, that I'm moving forward in the direction the Universe has in mind for my greater good, and I'm letting go and just being.

Well, I'm trying to.

And I feel good about it.

 For more information on 11 11 please click on this link.

Monday, September 12, 2016


It's interesting what a huge difference just one change can make.

Over the last few years I've been working on making my house more of my home and less of the house I shared with my ex-husband.

For example, I turned his ugly orange office into my very peaceful library/meditation room, a change I find most ironic.

I hung more of my photography around my home.

I painted the kitchen (which we never had done) and added ceramic tiles to the soffit.

I bought some art from a wonderfully talented gay artist and proudly displayed it on my walls.

I took my time with these changes as mood, time, energy, and most importantly, budget, allowed. Yet, there was one piece of furniture that I had a hard time replacing. Not because I didn't want to replace it, I did. Badly. I hated that piece ever since we bought it.

So, why did we buy it?

Well, when we went to buy a flat screen television, we needed a new stand and this was our only choice at the time. It was silver particle board with two smoke colored tempered glass shelves and matching glass top. It was oval shaped. It was ugly but as I said, we had no choice at that moment in that store, which is known more for electronics than furniture.

I hated it, but my ex loved it.

My style is a blend of Arts and Crafts and California Mission which is mostly wooden furniture with minimal ornamentation. Quite a contrast from the television stand. As much as I tried to hide it, I couldn't completely. I lost the television in the divorce, but unfortunately not the stand. So, I turned it into a plant stand and placed it in front of the window. Plants need light, right? I loved my plants, and wanted the best for them.

Meanwhile, I kept entertaining ways to get rid of the stand or at least disguise it more; I kept adding plants and especially those that would drape and cover it, like spider plants and English ivy. I thought of painting it, but disassembling, sanding, painting and then reassembling it seemed daunting. I started looking for its replacement in a style a little closer to my own but couldn't find anything that met my requirements in height, length and depth. I thought of getting an appropriately styled table and trading places with another piece I already had that would work under the window but then that might entail rearranging the art that was hanging over the original table to now be centered over the new table. Too much work. And I liked the original piece where it was. But, wait a minute...
The Ugly Stand

The piece I wanted to move would work, but the color was a bit off for the effect I wanted to achieve under the window. But, what if...?

I found the same piece on sale in a more appropriate color plus I had a coupon for an additional twenty dollars off.

So, I bought it, assembled it and placed it under the window.

Now, what to do with the ugly stand? 

I contemplated my options:
  1. I could put it out on the street for someone to take, but in the meantime the glass might get broken and injure someone. 
  2. I could sell it, but then I would have strangers coming to my house. And it had fallen apart a couple of times which suggested selling it might not be the ethical thing to do.
  3. I could donate it to a charity, but if it's falling apart, it might not be the ethical thing to do. 
  4. I could simply throw it away.
And that's just what I did.

But, how to get it into the trash bins as each piece was too tall to fit, and it would take a few trash collections to get rid of all the pieces.

The two glass shelves would fit in the large recycling bin and the three small support pieces between the wooden base and top would fit in the smaller trash bin. But the base and top, and the tempered glass top piece were all way too big to fit in their appropriate bin. But...

Taking my saw to the wooden pieces and a hammer to the tempered glass brought such a relief. It relieved stress, it relieved frustration and did a whole lot more.

I didn't realize how much I hated that piece. It was also the last piece that had my ex written all over it as it was more his style than mine.

This new piece isn't as deep as I wanted, so I had to relocate some of my green babies around the house, which is not an easy thing to do as I'm running out of window space for them. But, it works and the plants are thriving.

And this change has done something else, too.  

Although this new piece is slightly longer yet narrower than the ugly stand, it has allowed me to move the sofa a bit closer into the living room making it a much more intimate conversation area. And it just seems so much neater, tidier and cozier with this new piece. 

So much so, sometimes I just like to sit and marvel at the difference it has made.