Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 7/8/12

Yet one more project simmers away in my head and here are six sentences from it:

Keith Maxwell surveyed his new classroom with foreboding. What had he gotten himself into? At forty-eight he was closer to thinking about retirement than taking on new experiences to add to his resume in order to further his career. This transfer did not raise his salary, as teachers were not paid more for teaching more students. What exactly killed his passion he didn’t know. Was it a) his twenty-five years of teaching, mostly in the same elementary school; b) the repetitiveness of school year after school year;  c) had he tired of the same boring material; d) all of the above?


  1. Keith's life is just out of balance. All work and no play makes Keith an unhappy fellow.

    1. Actually, Keith gets a lot of playtime. It's more state of education today that has him questioning his dedication. Thanks for reading and your observation.