Saturday, July 14, 2012


I may have struck gold!!!

I have found a man who fits my dreams!!

So, what drew me to him? How did we meet?

Well, I must say I saw his picture on a new app I am checking out and it goes without saying it was his photos.

So, in the profile photo, was it his slightly disarming smile? his salt-and-pepper beard? his muscular biceps? his nice big chest? his not-too-furry arms?

I then checked out the rest of his pictures; was it the one where he is wearing eyeglasses looking so professorial? was it the one where he was kneeling in a Buddhist temple? was it the one where he's wearing a black baseball cap, aviator glasses, jeans and a nicely fitting black t-shirt accentuating the salt and pepper hair and beard dripping in sex appeal?

Or was it the fact he was not representing himself just with assorted torso shots or pictures of him in tight underwear taking a picture of himself in a mirror?

Oh hell, he was just hot and sexy!

I went on to read his profile and discovered he is into a healthy lifestyle, enjoys being home or in the outdoors, loves to travel. He also loves and respects nature,  loves animals and plants, and enjoys good books (definitely a plus). He is into art, ancient culture, mythology, music (emphasis on Spanish Flamenco).  He loves to cuddle, kiss (he says it's more intimate than sex). He likes to hug and lie down with the two chests pressed together to feel the hearts beating. He can make love, be very sweet and romantic; and switch into being an aggressive, dominant sex partner. He believes in being relationship oriented.

And I just wanted to die.

What does this tell me? It tells me there are indeed men out there who share my values. It tells me there are HOT, SEXY men out there who share my values.

It tells me I will indeed find him at the right time but, hopefully, he won't live 2,447 miles away.


  1. Oh gosh, Jeff, you were describing a man for me!! But alas, 2447 miles is way to far. Or is it? He might be very capable of mobility! Oh, you've got me dreaming! Sigh....

    1. I don't think he's into mobility, and if it were meant to be, there would be more indications of the possibility. For now, it is a signpost for me along the road.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it's a start! And someday there will be a happy ending.

      Thank you for your comment!