Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 5/13/2012

Here are six more sentences from Inn of the Four Winds, currently in development.

He immediately felt at peace in this room which he had painted a turquoise color, reminiscent of tropical waters. The room itself was empty, save for a small night stand  in one corner of the room with a dock and an iPod, and a small end table in the room's center. Selecting a track from the iPod, he waited for the combination of drums and native flute to fill the room before he took a book of matches from the nightstand and then, turning, he approached the table, where he picked up an abalone shell and a smudging wand. 
Lighting the wand so that it just smoldered, he faced the sunrise peering in through the window and, holding the wand out in front of him, he gave thanks for the new day and repeated the ritual three more times, turning a quarter turn to the right each time. Returning to East, he held the wand up above his head, then lowered it below his waist, and finally brought it to his heart. Laying the still smoldering wand in the shell, he took a pinch of tobacco from a small bowl on the table and sprinkled it directly on the lit end of the wand as an offering of gratitude, then surrendering to the drums and the flute, he sat down in front of the table, took several deep breaths, closed his eyes and his mind to the outside world, and entered his own.


  1. Want to read the next chapter. Please, please?

    1. Thank you! But, it's still in development, I wish I could help. But, last week's six sentences actually follow these.