Thursday, March 28, 2013


I went out with a friend the other night. It was a last minute invite which was fine as it was the first day of Spring Break. A guy he is seeing was visiting from out of town and my friend wanted to show Potential Boyfriend some of his favorite hangouts. And it would give Potential Boyfriend and me the chance to get to know one another.

We headed into Boystown, the ├╝bergay section of West Hollywood, with a couple of other stops along the way. Potential Boyfriend, aka PB, wanted to see UCLA, so we had a very quick drive onto the campus and then out. We then drove along Santa Monica Boulevard through Beverly Hills, and then tried to see Lucille Ball’s house but a street blockage prevented us crossing Sunset Blvd, so a detour to Greystone Mansion and Park was naturally in order. I mean, we were literally down the street from it, and it's one of my favorite places in Los Angeles.

Eventually we made it into Boystown, parked and began our walking tour. My friend was looking for rainbow tchotchkies, so we started looking in the shops but came out empty-handed. It seemed every other store sold a large selection of erotic underwear and other, um, paraphernalia. I mean, how many stores of that nature can one community support? And West Hollywood is notorious for jacking up prices! (A recent study compared three different Target stores in very diverse neighborhoods, one being West Hollywood and the West Hollywood one was at least 20% higher than the next highest store in the study!)
We had dinner at a WeHo staple known for drag shows and drag bingo! The food was acceptable and the waiter was hunky, practically a prerequisite in WeHo, but more lukewarm than hot in my opinion.

But, what was pressing on me was the fact that all this was wrong for me. I mean, I had a great time with my friend and PB, but the whole West Hollywood thing was just wrong. I can’t explain why. I wasn’t cruising anyone, and didn’t notice anyone cruising me; which was fine, as I’m not in the mental/emotional/physical space for a boyfriend right now. Now, I did notice some handsome men, but it all still felt wrong. It’s almost as if, were I to meet someone interesting, it wouldn’t be in WeHo. 

And yet, the attraction to men was there. 
And still is.

A couple days later, I took my dog to a pet store so we, and he mostly, could have an excursion out of the house. 

The manager at this store is very hot. He has always been very friendly and helpful. I have always found him to be very sexy in a normal, non-underwear model way. And that day, he was even sexier when he tried to make friends with my dog, who is very neurotic and very nervous. Manager-man is attractive, has a great personality-at least in his business, an average build-from what I can see, and a wife. But, the fact that I can find him so appealing, tells me I’m not dead. 

It also clues me into more of what I do eventually want in someone. 

And that I’ll know him when I see him.

It may be in a pet store. It may not. It probably won’t be in West Hollywood, on an app, or in a bar.

But, who knows?


  1. Hey Jeff,
    I'm wondering if some awfully lurid things happen to gay men wearing erotic underwear so that they have to keep going back for more. Perhaps the boys are only too willing to regularly restock their thong drawer. Personally, I'd find myself putting Fruit of the Looms overtop the skimpier gear, but that's perhaps yet another reason for my dismal track record!

    I've always found it exasperating that the gayer WeHo restaurants serve such mediocre fare. All the attention to beef goes in the hiring, not the cooking. I thought that was what bars were for.

    I do think you're onto something with respect to the pet connection. I drop my schnauzer off at doggy daycare five days a week and the owner is a sweet, sexy man with an Australian accent. He's adorable and, yes, he also has a wife.

    Maybe it is time to start a Meetup group to bring together gay men and their dogs. If he's got a dog, he's automatically hotter. That means a lot more than underwear!

    1. I'm not sure about the underwear thing, perhaps it's just fetishes? Maybe it's for the go-go boys to dance in? After all, only in WeHo do they actually celebrate Go-Go Boy Appreciation Day! Go figure.

      As far as the pet connection, maybe you're right. But, I'd have to be willing to make a connection and at this time of my life, I'm just not there right now. (Another blog post for another day.)

      Thanks for your comment!