Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Third Date

I rarely go see a movie. I don't follow them like some friends of mine. They seem to know when every movie is coming out, who is in it, who is directing it, who is writing the score. They may even know who is doing who, if you know what I mean. I don't follow that stuff. I have no idea about upcoming movies unless I see a current one, which I already admitted is rare, and catch the trailer for it. Occasionally, I'll check out the entertainment section of the LA Times app on my iPad and sometimes there I'll find one that sounds interesting, or a friend will mention one and I'll put it on my "I-want-to-see-this" list. And then forget about it.

Or maybe it's the exorbitant price tag that keeps me out. The matinee shows are running around $10, and then there's the snacks. But, those I can forgo. Maybe the last few years just scraping by caused me to become a bit frugal. No, I was this way before the ex left. We both had to tighten the belt before he left.  We just couldn't afford it, being landed gentry and all. Or, condominiumed gentry, at least. I don't own the land my house is on, but 1/35 of the space of the community.

Rarely, does a book touch me so as "Bless Me, Ultima" by Rodolfo Anaya. I had to read it in the summer of 1976 prior to my freshman year at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. I have read it over and over and each time I do, something new takes me to a new place. So, it was a very pleasant surprise I discovered via a friend's Facebook post, it had been made into a movie.

So, I decided to take myself out for dinner and to see "Bless Me, Ultima."

Me-date number 3.

I set my plans for the following weekend, decided where to go for dinner and looked forward to it. I knew very little about the movie, but did check out some reviews, and it was gathering some good ones. So, I anticipated a nice evening.

And then I got sick; an upper respiratory infection, complete with conjunctivitis.

I certainly didn't want to sit through a movie hacking, coughing and sneezing.

So, I postponed my date with myself.

Then two weeks later I felt well enough to go.

And I discovered the movie had left the theaters nearest my house, and was no longer playing in a theater I had a pass for. The closest theater to me which was showing it, was deep in enemy territory. My ex's new neighborhood.  Was he likely to see that particular movie? No. Was it likely I would run into him at dinner? Who knows?

And who cares?

 I just don't like him in my business.
So, I went, and had a nice time at a quick dinner, and felt the movie captured the essence of the book. All in all, it was wonderful to be out of the house.

And, seeing the movie took me to an even different place than the book had each time I'd read it.

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