Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 8/5/12

Here are six sentences from another unfinished project. 

They were strangers after all; well, almost; they had signed up on a gay dating/meeting website and ended up chatting on line. Danny was attracted to Griff’s photo with his sensitive eyes, and scruffy, handsome face, while Griff was attracted to Danny's bearish face and sensual mouth. They both were recently out of relationships, looking only to expand their social circles and were adamant on their profiles, NO HOOKUPS.  They ended up sharing details of their breakups; Griff came home to find his husband in bed, not with one, but sandwiched between two men, while Danny and his ex just seemed to drift apart.  Both Griff and Danny had been older emotionally, if not just chronologically, than their partners and therefore both had been the nurturer in the relationship, and both had felt taken for granted, at least at the end.  It seems they understood each other.

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