Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 4/22/12

Here are another six sentences, but these are from a different novel in development. It is tentatively titled, Inn of the Four Winds. It is scheduled for completion sometime in my lifetime.

Mark stretched, got out of bed and hurried to turn off the alarm, as it was Alex’ first day off in a while, and he needed the sleep.  Standing in the doorway to the adjacent bathroom, Mark looked back at his sleeping husband illuminated only by the moonlight streaming in through the open window. Due to the pleasant night weather, Alex had tossed the sheets back exposing his well-developed copper-colored chest, a result of his mixed Mexican-Native American heritage and years in the construction business. Mark’s eyes grazed Alex’ chest starting at the wolf paw tattoo above the right pectoral, down through the valley between the twin peaks capped with the brown nipples, down along the abs to the navel and followed the treasure trail to the hem of the sheet.  Alex stirred, stretching in his sleep, causing the sheet to slip a little further south, revealing just the tip of the erect treasure at the end of the trail. Mark contemplated crawling back into bed to play with the treasure; after all, he did have the time, but tonight was their date night and reluctantly, Mark turned and closed the bathroom door.


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    1. (Neither can Mark! lol) As I'm still learning to trust myself as a writer, and have so many ideas running around my head, it may take some time.

      Thank you for your comment!