Saturday, January 28, 2012


There is an email floating around writers' circles in which the sender posts ten confessions, and then asks the recipients to do the same and send it on. Many of my writer friends are then posting their confessions on their blogs. And in that vein, I thought this shot of St. Michael's Cathedral in Sitka, AK would be appropriate.

I also thought this would be interesting, somewhat different and a little lighter than my recent posts, and give me a break from the upcoming ones that are dancing around in my head and heart.

So, here goes:
  1. I am a fan of the show Dark Shadows. I used to watch it on TV in 1972. If I missed an episode I would ask my mother to either watch it, or use my tape recorder to record the audio for me. This was in the Stone Age when we didn't have VCRs, or DVRs. I have every episode of both the original series and the 1991 remake on DVD. I am anticipating the 2012 movie with Johnny Depp, though I have reservations about his portrayal of Barnabas. In some production stills, Depp looks twelve years old and Barnabas was an adult when he became a vampire.
  2. I have self-esteem issues which make it hard for me to accept a compliment. I don't believe I deserve it even though I believe the person complementing me is being sincere. (I'm working on it.)
  3. I used to have a crush on Donny Osmond. Now, not so much.
  4. I am so sensitive to other people's feelings I am afraid to speak up for myself for fear of hurting their feelings. (I'm getting better at this.)
  5. I'm afraid of losing control of myself, which is why I don't drink to excess, and have never inhaled, ever.
  6. I have old-fashioned values. I want to be romanced and seduced, and I want to romance back.
  7. I can go into shock at the sight of blood on television. Sometimes. It depends on the scene. If there are vampires involved, I probably won't. I can also go into shock when I see someone or an animal suffering in pain. My dog threw out his knee and I nearly passed out from his yelping and limping. Coincidentally, my ex was on the phone with our vet at the time. I don't know how to work on this.
  8. I can be somewhat of a hypochondriac. I don't go running to the doctor for just anything. But, I do pay a lot of attention to my aches and pains. And then worry about them.
  9. I did some acting in college, mostly in Spanish.
  10. I used to dream of being a singer. I would 'perform' in my room, when no one else was in the house. But, I never learned to sing. I can only carry a tune when I pass sheet music to someone else.

Whew! Now that I got that off my chest, I can go back to my regular posts.


  1. Interesting post, thanks for sharing. I am actually looking forward to Depp and Pfeiffer in Dark Shadows (and yes followed the TV series) - they seem to be good with creative and unusual films. Good or bad will be worth seeing....

    1. Brahm,

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I, too, am looking forward to the movie. I am basing my comment above on still photos found on the internet.

      Thank you again,