Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mistakes, I've made a few

We've all made mistakes. I'm making some now. I find myself projecting forward into my new life, especially when someone catches my eye. And I catch his. I guess it's common, or even natural, to hope for the best when encountering someone interesting to you. But what I must learn to do is slow down, and follow the AA motto "One Day at a Time."

I have done something out of the ordinary for me. I have entered into online chatting. On my profile, I have clearly stated I am looking for friends, yet still I find myself hopeful that each new chat I enter into will be someone with whom I have an opportunity to meet, and maybe carry it further and hopefully, even further. I am finding myself to be long-term-relationship oriented, and not hookup-oriented.

I have a tentative 'meeting' set up with a very handsome man, at least according to his profile picture. We had been chatting on and off for a few weeks, (I initiated the first chat session) and eventually I asked if he would be interested in meeting. He said yes, and I then asked if we could postpone the actual meeting until after parent conferences in two weeks as I need to prepare myself and then regain my sanity. My mistake is that I'm not sure this is the right thing for me at this time. I find myself analyzing and preparing myself for those eventual questions; what am I looking for? and do I want to go to his place or mine? Geography will play a part in this, as he lives over 40 miles away, and that leads to economics (gas prices) and I am only earning a teacher's salary and paying a mortgage ALONE. Was asking him to meet a mistake? Only time will tell.

Why this picture with this blog? The picture was a mistake. Yet, it is somewhat interesting. In the regular theme of life we make mistakes, yet life goes on. Mistakes happen, they exist but they become our greatest teachers. Next time I see a large, interesting shape I will take the time to change to a wide angle lens to broaden the frame. Live and learn.


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