Thursday, December 8, 2016

Synchronicities 4

Weird things are happening to me again. But, I don't know what to make of it all except I'm beginning to think I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

But this time it's all different. They're all "ghosts" or "echoes" from my past, sort of. Not repeated sets of numbers. And that has me freaking out. Kinda.

My last surviving cat passed away in 2013, and when I was emotionally ready, I set out to make her shadow box, as is my tradition. And I traditionally include the last collar each of my fur babies wore. Now, I strongly believe in keeping my cats indoors so there was no need for them to wear their collar all the time. So, I kept the collars in a safe place until I needed them, usually around the handle of their carrier. When she passed away, I donated the carrier to a rescue group, keeping the collar in a safe place for her eventual shadow box. So safe was this place, I forgot where it was when the time came to make the shadow box. I hunted and searched and looked and checked every place I knew I had remembered putting it. No luck. I had decluttered so much of my house at one point, I feared I might have accidentally thrown it out. Eventually, I began to make peace with the fact she would be the only one without her collar. But, it just recently turned up, quite unexpectedly, under a box, in a nightstand drawer I rarely open. All my fur babies now have their collars in their shadow boxes. I miss my babies so much.

Within the short time frame of three and a half weeks, four people have reached out to me to reconnect in some way; a former student, a friend, an old acquaintance, and a family member. All of these relationships had been interrupted by either time, a misunderstanding, a natural change or distancing of the relationship or something else altogether. People come in and out of our lives for many reasons. It's natural. But, four people in such a short amount of time is a bit too coincidental to not have some underlying meaning or lesson for me to note. 

Again, I believe synchronicities are seemingly random occurrences that, on closer look, might not seem so random after all. I could accept maybe two of these reconnections being coincidental, but not all four in the short amount of time in which they occurred and the vast difference in the types of people they represented in my life; my profession, my social circle, a former partner, my family.  Okay, maybe my cat's collar suddenly and unexpectedly turning up might not necessarily be connected (except the connection to my past), but these people from my past? Surely, there's something the Universe wants me to learn or be ready for. I can always exercise free will and walk away from these people, but I have to ask myself, "why now?" and "why so many?" If everything happens for a reason, I'm curious to see what the reason might be and walking away won't teach me anything.

Perhaps, one of the lessons I'm supposed to learn is that people do come back into our lives. But, they come back when they are ready, at an unexpected moment. Former students sometimes seek their teachers out for a variety of reasons, and sometimes it's just a coincidence. Friends get busy and life's priorities change and finding/making time becomes a challenge, yet can be overcome. Bridges can be mended.

Another possible lesson could be that in spite of time, distance and circumstances, I still matter to others. I still cross their minds, sometimes enough to encourage a reconnection. 
Or, perhaps, this is all reinforcing my new attitude of let it all go and it will all work out. But, on the Universe's timetable, not mine. I had given up hope on the collar when suddenly there it was.

I have been accused of, and I admit to, overthinking just a tad from time to time and I can see how I could overthink this. Yet, I beg to point out that this is an unusual circumstance. As I said before, the number of people all at one time is a bit overwhelming to not suggest something is afoot.

But, what?

As always, time will tell.

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