Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 3/18/2012

 I have a couple of writer friends who participate in Six Sentence Sunday, a writing exercise to stretch the writer's brain and tease the reader's eyes. I have decided from time to time I will participate when possible. I have taken the first few sentences from my forthcoming novel, When Love Calls Your Name, and edited them into the requisite six. I hope you enjoy it.

Chaos theory states that something as inconsequential as a butterfly flapping its wing in South America could ultimately cause large-scale events, possibly even a hurricane in China.

I had heard of the so-called Butterfly Effect; Ray Bradbury described it in A Sound of Thunder, and Ashton Kutcher even starred in a movie entitled The Butterfly Effect yet I never expected to experience it myself.
My “butterfly” arrived in the form of an envelope from the Superior Court telling me I had been assigned to the courthouse in San Fernando, about 25 minutes from my home in Lake Balboa, a small community in the San Fernando Valley, north of downtown Los Angeles. However much I disliked jury duty, I was resigned to my fate, and  had postponed the inevitable until winter recess from school and now I had to serve.  I called in to register like a good boy, and then waited until the day I had to call in to see if I needed to report.  Damn, I did have to go in on Monday.


  1. Engaging. Absolutely, no doubt. And do you know what I like about this short piece? It doesn't feel contrived in any way. I mean, even if you slaved over making these sentences the way they are, it doesn't feel like that. It feels exactly how someone might think in this situation. The setup with the butterfly gives it bone and structure - I love it. Good work!

    1. Sean,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate it!