Sunday, May 1, 2011

Destination Unknown

I realize I am a week (or two) behind in posting, but sometimes life gets in the way.

I have chosen this photo for this posting because it leads the viewer off to who-knows-where? And that is exactly where I feel my life is going: who knows where?

Too many distractions have come flying at me all at the same time, I have not had the time to process them all. And yet, they all have one thing in common; money, or precisely, spending it and especially since I don't have it. I don't know (nor necessarily like) the path this has put me on, and I realize I have no choice but to accept it if I am to survive.

As I sit and meditate on myself, I do realize deep down, I will survive, (I love Gloria Gaynor) and the Universe keeps telling me I will. I guess I will if the Universe tells me. But, I want to learn my lesson and move on with my life. I guess patience is also part of this lesson, but I am not a patient person especially when it comes to myself.

I must go now and bathe one of my dogs. He doesn't like it. Too bad.


  1. How much does a teacher make in the US? Is it too little? In Brazil, public elementary school teachers won't make much (high school teachers or teachers who work at private schools earn better), so they're always complaining about their tiny wage, going on strike etc. However, one can always teach at different public schools as a way to increase their income. How does that work in the US. Are you legally allowed to have work at more than one school so that you have more than one source of income?

  2. It all depends on a number of things. Each state has a different scale of paying teachers and within each state, each district has its own range. Beginning teachers make a lot less than veteran teachers. The average salary for my district is around US$55,000. My comment was based more on my now being the SOLE provider for me, my animals, paying my bills, etc.

    Most teachers do not have the time to work at a second school, plus the way the school day is structured (6 hours, from about 8:00 am to about 2:30 pm) makes it difficult to have a second job teaching, unless it is at a night school for adults. Some teachers tutor other students, or work weekends. The amount of paper grading and other duties make it difficult to have a second job.