Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Universal Love

I feel so loved!!

My friends love me! My family loves me! My dogs love me! Even my formerly aloof 13 year old cat is beginning to love me!

But, most importantly, the Universe loves me. The Universe has been sending me little love signs for a while. But, two very powerful messages came through to me last week. From total strangers.

I am trying to rearrange finances now that I am getting a divorce. It's not an easy task going from a two income household to a one income household. But, I am trying. I have taken some steps to make it easier, short of taking on a second or even a third job. In a telephone conversation with a woman who was helping me, I told her exactly what was going on. My husband had left me and we were filing for divorce. At once all the financial questioning ceased and she continued, "Oh, honey, you will be just fine. When my husband left me, I thought I was going to die, and I had seven children! All you have to do is: look back at what was right, what was wrong, then look through it to see what you can take with you and discard what you don't need (sounds like an Al-Anon meeting, to me) and then look forward to keep moving! And you will come out all right! But give yourself time."

I was so moved by this stranger's advice that I have it taped on my bathroom mirror.
"Look back, look through, look forward!" Thank you, Pamela in Arizona.

Also, one of my colleagues introduced me to her 9-year old daughter this week. We all chatted as we walked to the main office to sign out. The next day, my colleague came up to me with a story. It seems she always talks to her family about the people she works with. It creates a family environment, parents including the children in their lives. What togetherness! Well, after we all talked, later that evening my colleague asked her daughter what she thought about me. (Now here I must interject, I have been having a bad week or two. The pain is getting heavy again and many days I feel like I need to cry some more, but don't know how.) Well, this little girl told her mother "He has such great positive energy!" If this little girl can see my positive energy through my pain and hurt, it must be down there somewhere. Thank you, Shaina.

With total strangers offering me very good advice and encouragement, (also see my post Allies) I know I will be all right. In time. I thank the Universe for that.

Trouble is, I feel bad right now.


  1. "Look back, look through, look forward!"

    Great !!