Monday, August 30, 2010


Divorce makes us do crazy things.

I have never liked tattoos. Don't get me wrong, the art can be beautiful, and obviously meaningful to the recipient. But I like seeing skin the color it was meant to be.

I am considering getting one to celebrate my impending divorce; a phoenix. Through all this pain, anger and hurt, there is hope. I see myself in the future; better, bolder and stronger than before. But the trouble is where do I want it?

I am getting older. My body is changing, going through the changes of an old man. Personal grooming may become a necessity depending on where I put it.

I want to see the tattoo, so anywhere out of my line of vision is out of the question, so no to the back, and butt. My inside forearm, yeah, that's possible. On one of my pecs is also a possibility, but left or right? And then there's size. Yes, it will matter, because of cost. I won't have a lot of discretionary income until my budget adjusts to the lack of income from my soon-to-be-ex-husband.

I guess I'm crazy. And have a lot to think about.