Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have found some interesting allies in my same-sex divorce.

Lat week, I stopped at the bank to open a single-signer account and talk about closing the joint ones. The woman who helped me was very supportive, and this week I went in to order checks. She asked me how things were going. I told her he was moving out this week, she was surprised at how soon it was all happening and after our talk, she told me she knew something better was on the horizon for me.

I called my insurance company to remove the ex- from the homeowners' and my car policies. After going through all the information and removing him, (it didn't lower my premium, damn!) she realized the policy didn't list us as "married." I explained that I never was fully aware of all the legalities that came with marriage, since it was still new to me, I never thought to call them and change our status. She understood my situation but was furious that people still want to deny others the same legal rights they enjoy.

A colleague I see infrequently asked me the other day how my summer went. I told her. She never met my ex-. But, she could not understand why anyone would leave me. I'm such a sweet person.

It's true. Divorce brings out the true colors in people. And you find allies in the most interesting places.

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