Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who is He?

In a past post or two, I've detailed how I believe the Universe has told me a change is in the air.

It will be positive or negative.

It could be a change in job, finances, romance.

Or, it could simply be a change in my attitude toward dating and meeting men.

I'm suspecting it's the latter.

Which then suggests there could eventually be a change in my relationship status.

In a past post or three, I've detailed what I'm looking for in a partner. To recap, I am looking for someone who:
Just some of my baggage!
  • is emotionally, chronologically, educationally, maturationally my contemporary;
  • looks good in either a Brooks Brothers suit, 501s and a t-shirt or a bulldog harness and chaps;
  • stimulates my mind, my spirit and then my body.
  • can communicate;
  • wants to take care of me, I don't mean I want to be kept, but that he is willing to have more of an equitable relationship;
  • is willing to help me unpack the baggage I'm bringing with me;
  • is tall, dark and handsome.
While I have compiled my list of what I want, and am working on my list of deal breakers, (no tobacco!) I also acknowledge that not everything on the What-I-Want list will come in one nice, neat, handsome package (he might even be tall, blond and handsome). My heart and instinct will guide me.

My wonderful, dear friends have also chimed in on what they see for me;
  • two different friends, on separate occasions, have suggested my writing will be the conduit to my next partner, with one of then suggesting he will be a writer in his own right. Now a third and fourth have echoed that same sentiment; after all, my life seems to be moving in that direction. Granted, I shared with these last two friends what numbers 1 and 2 had said. They merely concurred.
  • a different friend suggested he will be bilingual, most likely in one of the Romance languages.
And, being the romantic I am, I have contended it will be a chance encounter that brings us together, perhaps at a writing class, seminar or other gathering or maybe even in the grocery store. As I shared my chance encounter theory with a relatively new female acquaintance, another relatively new acquaintance, but male, popped into the conversation and said that actually would make the most sense for me. I've only known them both for about three months, and he feels he knows me already? The Universe works in very mysterious ways.
Yet, all this feels right.
All this feels like me.

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