Sunday, June 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 6/2/12

Six sentences from something very different from me.......

I like my market as they take care of all my needs. There is a Starbucks and a Chinese take out inside the store, which means I can get my latte, do my shopping, and pick up Chinese food for dinner all in one location.

I also like my market because they will ask for donations at the register for breast cancer, Jerry’s Kids, the Children’s Miracle Network, worthy causes all. But I love my market because they also ask for donations for prostate cancer research; one of the few markets I have seen who do this. And as a 48 year old man, I have regular check-ups as prostate cancer does run in the men in my family. 

I also love my market because they hire the hunkiest box boys.


  1. Love your post! I like the hunky tire boys at Sam's! I often tell them they need to make a calendar! They'd sell a million!

    1. Yes, they just might! Thank you for your comment! I may just need to run up to the market, what do I need....?