Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lessons from Lucy

I love Lucy.  She will live forever, in the reruns of her television shows, films and this statue of her in North Hollywood, California.

Lucy was a fighter, albeit in a television sitcom. But, she still fought back. When she lost the winning dollar bill in a local newspaper contest, she fell into a starch vat to retrieve it.

Lucy was resourceful. She saved half her sandwich when she and the others went hiking in the Swiss Alps. She and Ethel went to extremes to keep their husbands from fighting when their chickens weren't laying eggs.

Lucy was creative. After all, she decorated her New York apartment to look like a Cuban sugar plantation and danced around like Carmen Miranda, all to save her marriage, which wasn't really in trouble. And she wrote an operetta to raise money for her club's treasury.

And she fought, using her resources in creative ways to try to get into Ricky's act soooo many times: locking his dance partner into a closet; sneaking in in costume, and changing under a table. All of these qualities together illustrate one other characteristic of Lucy; she is determined.

I have come to realize I am very much like Lucy.

I am a fighter, just not in a sitcom, but in my life. I am fighting back from a divorce and have come a long way from the depression I was in, which may or may not have led to the divorce.

I am resourceful. I have learned to make adjustments to my life in order to survive. I have learned to focus on what I need not what I want. That's not to say, when I can afford something I want, then make that decision. After all, living your life without pleasures, isn't really living your life.

I am creative. It comes with teaching, but is also just part of who I am. I look at my writing, my photography as just two examples.

I am determined. I will get through this and be all that much stronger for it.

Now, where's my bottle of Vitameatavegamin?

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