Sunday, April 9, 2017

Synchronicities 6

As I share my experiences with the synchronicities (the repeated sets of numbers, 1111, 444, etc.) I’ve been seeing on clocks, on billboards, in phone numbers, on license plates, or as addresses, a few of my friends have asked, “Haven’t those numbers always existed?”

Well, yes and no.

The time appears on clocks only twice a day, once in the a.m. and again in the p.m. Billboards do get changed from time to time. And it depends on where I encounter the phone number, which may appear on a billboard, a receipt, in my caller ID, or when written down by someone. 

So, yes, they have always been in existence, just not in my line of sight.  

“So, if they’ve always existed, why are you seeing them now?”

I don’t know. I think it’s like reading a book, or seeing a favorite movie-for a second, third or fourth time. You pick up on things you may have missed before, a detail you weren't ready to see.

And they just seem to happen to me. I can’t control when they appear. For example, I recently made a purchase totaling $22.25. Within twenty minutes, a car with 222 on the license plate passed me on the freeway, which in turn, was followed by a big rig truck with 2222 contained in its Department of Transportation number on the cab door.

I can't control that I wake up in the middle of the night, glance at my clock and see 2:22, or 3:33. Or that I check my phone during the day at 11:11.

I couldn't control the time that the last three numbers on my odometer matched the last three numbers of the license plate in front of me, and five miles later matched the last three on the plate next to me. (Twice in five miles?)

I couldn’t control the time when a car pulled up alongside the car in front of me, to see the last three numbers on both their license plates matched, only to have the second car speed off and another speed up to ride parallel to the car in front of me, only to have their license plates also share matching numbers. (Three matching license plates in the space of about five minutes?)

For me, just seeing the numbers isn’t the biggest question I have, it’s the timing, and the quantity. And then there are the other coincidences. 

I couldn't control that I dreamt of meeting a certain celebrity I strongly admire, only to have her name appear in my daily crossword puzzle the very next day when others have appeared at least twice in the five months I’ve been doing this daily puzzle. (Oh, and I rarely remember my dreams.) 

I couldn't control the time a colleague and I were trying to figure out what a certain insect was when the Los Angeles Times ran an article the next day explaining what they actually were. We were both wrong, by the way.  But that doesn't matter, the timing of the article caught my eye, along with the timing of these other "coincidences."

I usually stop for coffee to keep me awake, and therefore alive, during my long commute home. It’s a two mile drive from my work to my favorite Starbucks. One day, I counted six sets of triple numbers in that short drive. And then another six on my longer drive home. Curiously, the only digit I didn’t see that afternoon was a 5. But, it later turned up in my solitaire game when my total points were 15,550! 

I had an epiphany the other day. Not about these numbers, but about something else.

I may have mentioned, once or twice, that I have met someone I believe is my Twin Flame. We are in separation now, meaning we aren't together or in communication. I've come to the decision I will not settle for a relationship that doesn't offer the depth of connection he and I once shared. I admit that every relationship is different and I can't expect to find someone exactly like him. But to settle for a relationship where the connection isn't as strong, yet the relationship itself may be more stable does not appeal to me. I need that depth. Right after I had this epiphany, and realized that it was actually coming from a form of self-love which all seemed to make perfect sense to me, immediately a car pulled up next to me with its license plate ending in 555! I took it as an affirmation of my self-acceptance. 

The latest in the line up of synchronicities has been birthdates. And three in particular seem to jump out at me-mine, my mother’s and, not surprisingly, that of the man I believe to be my Twin Flame.

I have given up trying to figure out what it all means, or I would drive myself crazy. Trust me, I’ve been very close. The sheer volume and timing of these coincidences suggest, to me anyways, that something greater than anything currently on this planet is trying to get my attention. Believe me, they have it.

I’ve come to believe it is all an affirmation that I am moving towards my greater good.

I’ve come to believe I must trust that this is a hand being held out to me by the Universe as it leads me through this change in my life. 

I’ve come to believe I’m entering, or have entered, the Dark Night of the Soul.

I’ve come to believe there will be a New Dawn.

So, maybe that’s why I'm seeing them now.

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